New House Maintenance

As I mentioned on the other page, you likely have just paid for a modest house and you want to know what is next. Well, the next thing you need to do is take care of it, just like you would take care of yourself. I know, you’re probably overwhelmed and don’t know where to start. It is completely normal to be overwhelmed with such an undertaking. With anything you own, there is maintenance. You need to clean it, care for it and do anything you can to make it look great. Houses are no exception.

Now, you probably have heard that homes are more expensive than apartments because you have to tackle the improvements and things on your own. That is very true, both Very soon after you settle into a new house, you probably have to shift your budget around a little bit to accommodate these extra expenses.
You’re probably looking at the screen, saying WHAT??? Yes, it’s true. You do have more expenses, but it depends on what hose you buy, though. Sometimes you’re going to have houses you can buy inexpensively, but you’re going to have to fix it yourself or pay someone to do it. These are called ‘fixer-uppers”. Depending on who you are, this may be a good choice. Let’s assume you got a good house; it passed inspections and all that good stuff, and you have moved in. They will tell you what repairs have been done if it has been negotiated during the buying process (what repairs the sellers are willing to do).

It doesn’t matter who you are or how good your house looks. Something is going to break or fall into disrepair. It is going to happen. There is no way around it. You will need a budget to handle these unexpected repairs. Let’s say that there is very bad hail damage and your roof needs to be patched. Unless you are letting insurance money pay for the repairs, and are willing to wait for that money, it will come out of your pocket. Either way, it will, since insurance typically (if they don’t pay it outright on the claim) will reimburse you how much it costs for you to have it fixed. This can take up to about thirty or even sixty days, so be prepared to wait for the money to come back to you. Сhose a professional roof repair maintenance at an affordable price to prevent the breaking and save money.

There is also the possibility you will need to pay for pest control. Even in a house, there are ways rodents and other critters can get in and make a mess and cause all kinds of problems. These people don’t work for free, and, last I heard, the chemicals they use are not cheap. They use them because the products are high quality and they work. A job worth doing is worth doing right. Someone other than me said that, I think.

Nothing ruins a home faster than a colony of roaches or a few anthills in the yard. This is why you need to have pest control. You can choose to have monthly, quarterly or annual service. You can ask around for referrals and see what company most homeowners use to get rid of their pests. You need to decide how many times the pest control people need to be out there. Sometimes you can get a treatment plan that you pay a certain amount and you can get them in as much as you need to.

Pool maintenance is something totally different, but doable. If you have a pool, you have to take care of it as well. There are different choices to make. You can do some of it yourself, or you can hire someone to do all of it. Some of the maintenance is easy. There are things that have to be done at least once a day, depending on how much you use the pool. Different chemicals keep the swimming pool water balanced. If things go out of balance, the water can turn green with algae or just not good for swimming in.

In order to pay for everything, you need to set up a budget. It’s not enough to make sure you can afford your house payment, but all the things you need to buy to take care of it. This includes the aforementioned pool maintenance (if you have one), and pest control. Maybe once you organize your budget, you can find out how much these things cost and start a savings account just for the house. Pest control can run about 60-80.00 a month or so and pool maintenance isn’t cheap either.