Seasonal Shifts

Eventually, in most parts of the country and the world, there are seasonal shifts in weather and climate. It’s inevitable, unless you live at the North or South poles, or if you live near the Equator. Sometimes, as in the South, the weather doesn’t change much. However, in states where it doesn’t appear to get cold very often; like in Texas or Arizona, it sometimes does very suddenly and for what seems like a long while. Sometimes in the South, you get your two weeks of unusual cold. This is referred to as a ‘complimentary two weeks of winter’. Sometimes it is longer than that, sometimes shorter. How do you deal with something like a weather shift? The same way you deal with any sudden change. You adapt and anyone else will, as well. This is assuming that everyone knows what the plan is.

Well, there are lots of things you can do that can work in either a hot or a cold climate. There are very beneficial even in Arizona. One thing you can do is put weather stripping in the door frames of your doors. How do you tell if you need it? Close one of your doors very tightly and feel around the door edges. You shouldn’t be able to see any light (even just a little) through the door or air of any temperature. If you can see any light or feel any air, you need weather stripping. Weatherstripping is used to fill in the gaps in between the door cracks. It’s fairly inexpensive and easy to find in your home improvement stores. You may need to consult with someone to find what might meet your needs. It’s a foam or rubber material that comes in various thicknesses and widths. It should eliminate the problem if done properly. Weather stripping isn’t hard to use. It’s pretty much peel and stick on wherever you need it to go. One of the most annoying things you can have is a blast of cold air going into a warm house. The opposite of that is annoying too. I have actually had both happen to me, and it’s not pleasant.

Another thing you can and should do is make sure your home is energy efficient. With all the talk now of ‘green’ energy or being energy efficient, there are things you can do to make your air conditioner work a little bit better and keep your electricity bill manageable. If you can afford it, get solar panels, especially if you live in a hot state like Arizona. There is nothing like the sun heating your house and helping create all that sun into something useful. This helps a lot since you are saving money, but you are glad you don’t have to go outside since it’s HOT outside. If getting solar panels is out of your budget, at least schedule a tune-up for your air conditioner. Air conditioners work very hard and the harder it works, the more expensive your bill will be.

Make sure that your windows and doors lock and unlock easily. You don’t want to find that on a hot day, you can’t open a window and enjoy the cool breeze. That just would be annoying. It’s just not a good idea. You also don’t want to find that on a cold day, you are not able to shut the window either. This can be done by using a little WD-40 that you can get at any general merchandise store and any home improvement store should have it. You can oil the locking mechanism and try and lock and unlock it. Or, if you don’t have WD-40, you can use a cotton swab and use some petroleum jelly or Vaseline on the mechanism. Most everyone has Vaseline in their house, even if hey don’t use it.

Prepare your house, call your JBS Roofing contractor to prepare, clean and warm the roof with special materials.

These are just a couple of ideas on how to prepare for seasonal shifts. If it happens to get down to freezing where you live, be aware of what you need to do for that. In the South, though, you don’t have to worry too much about that.